It took me 42 years to realize that I need people. That’s a hard pill to swallow, not because of my pride, but because of past pain. Years of betrayal, bad decisions and failed relationships let a bitter taste in my mouth and I have learned how to isolate. I isolate well. 

I still need time to unplug and recharge. It’s who I am, it’s how I heal and grow. However, by golly, I think I found my people! My people consist of a group of women who want to see me win! That’s it. I want to see them win and we all win together, whatever that looks like for us. 

When I am slacking and not doing what I should be doing, my sisters will get on me about it. Iron sharpens iron. I can accept any criticism that comes from them, because it’s from a place of love. Some of these women have been in my life, since I had life, but distance and time caused us to lose touch. We reconnected and we picked off where we left off, except we are wiser and we all come with a few more grays. Some of these women were in my book, “Picking Up the Pieces to 100 Broken Promises” and we reconnected through their invitation for me to attend their book club. Some of these women have become more than friends and they are closer to me than blood. Their children are my nieces and nephews and I love them as I love my own. I need each one of these women in my life for different reasons and I hope I bring them as much inspiration and joy as they bring to me.

What changed? For one thing, I’m no longer allowed to isolate for extended periods of time. When I am going through, my mentor will call me repeatedly until I answer. If I don’t answer, she’s coming by. I have people that care about me. Wow. This place, this safe, exciting, interesting place is awesome. We meet regularly, via telephone or zoom, we even have a name, trademark pending, so I can’t share it yet. We challenge each other, we pray for each other, and we pray together, we hold each other accountable and we are genuinely happy when one of us completes a goal. If one of us wins, we all win. 

I understand wanting to be a part of something bigger than myself. I searched for love and acceptance my whole life, but I never knew what I needed until I found it. I hope we all find our people.

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