I am not expected to be soft and express my needs to others. I am expected to hold in my anger and hide breakdowns. I am supposed to bury my past and never seek justice for myself, my children or my husband. I am expected to be everyoneโ€™s comic relief and personal counselor. I am the mother for the motherless and the father to the fatherless. I make other people feel good about themselves, while they leave me empty and depleted.

I should not expect a Prince to come and save me, I am expected to saddle up my horse and save everyone else. The Princess that Disney chose to represent me was a frog and her god is not my god. That’s why I choose to write my own story. Never believe what your enemy says about you. I am my own blueprint, but others read me through their stereotypes. No matter how loud I scream, they muffle my cries with their right hand over my mouth, and their left hand on my neck, raping me with their own needs, while using my blood for lubrication. I am not an anomaly.

I am a woman. Fearfully and wonderfully made. I am more than my strength. I am allowed to be delicate. It has taken me decades to realize that I need others. I am not a victim, but I am often victimized. I do not have the luxury of taking time off of work for exhaustion or checking myself into the hospital to process all that life has abandoned in my wake. I survive because of the God in me; I cannot fail.

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