I am humbled and grateful that you have purchased and are reading my book. This book isn’t just about me, it’s about everyone who has faced trauma and who is seeking to come through on the other side, healed and whole. To me, it is more than a book. It’s a glimpse inside of my innermost being. It’s my family and friends, past and present, and you have decided to become a part of it. Thank you.

You can show your continued support by leaving a review and telling your friends and loved ones where Picking Up the Pieces to 100 Broken Promises can be purchased. Better yet, buying them a copy and giving them as gifts would be greatly appreciated. Give them the gift of the guide to healing; it is priceless.

Leaving a thoughtful review is the gift that keeps on giving. It provides me the opportunity to become a better writer, and it introduces me to those who haven’t heard of me yet. Your review may be the one that reaches someone who needs to read this as much as I needed to write it. It can be short and sweet, “Wow, great read!” or more detailed, “Picking Up the Pieces to 100 Broken Promises has changed my life for the better. I saw myself in these pages and I recognized that healing is available for me too. I am so glad that I read this book. I will be buying this as gifts for my loved ones.”
Okay, so that last review was a bit much, but it’s my hope that it reaches you all this much.
Let us keep the conversation going. 
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