December 2020: The Best Gift Ever!

I turned forty something on December 28th. It’s no secret, and I’m not ashamed of my age, because I have earned every single gray hair on my head and I have learned so much from this gift called living. This year I received more than I have ever gotten in my whole life for my birthday. I believe I received so many blessings because I opened myself up to receive. I talked about this more in my blog, Conquering Imposter Syndrome. It is a blessing to be loved, and a blessing for others to show me that they love me […]

November 2020: Find Your People!

It took me 42 years to realize that I need people. That’s a hard pill to swallow, not because of my pride, but because of past pain. Years of betrayal, bad decisions and failed relationships let a bitter taste in my mouth and I have learned how to isolate. I isolate well.  I still need time to unplug and recharge. It’s who I am, it’s how I heal and grow. However, by golly, I think I found my people! My people consist of a group of women who want to see me win! That’s it. I want to see them […]

October 2020: Imposter Syndrome

The first thing I did was change the way I talked to myself. I learned how to advocate for myself, the way that I advocate for others. I began counseling myself the way I counsel others. I began complimenting myself the way that I compliment others.I started speaking life into myself, my looks, my thoughts, my abilities are all worthy of love, respect and blessings. Yes, my looks, I had low self esteem and I was not happy with how I looked. The first example I can remember is growing my natural hair and wanting to love it. It was […]